Tree Planting

Need help deciding which kind of trees to plant on your residential or commercial property? Turn to Stockdale Landscape & Concrete for tree planting services in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas. We can help you pick out native tree species that will look great on your property and install them in areas where they can thrive. Planting trees is a great idea because they:

Produce and circulate clean air
Help prevent soil erosion and rainwater runoff
Attract wildlife
Provide shade

Contact us right away to arrange for tree planting services. We'll be happy to answer any questions.


Seeding can take ages and leave you with a patchy lawn. That's why you should call on Stockdale Landscape & Concrete for sod installation services in the Bakersfield, CA area. Sod is the way to go because it:

Gives you a thick, green lawn instantly
Costs less than growing a lawn from seed
Requires less irrigation than seeding
Helps prevent soil erosion

We have experience installing sod on all types of properties. Reach out to us right away to schedule sod installation services.

Tame the beauty of the outdoors.

Work with a trusted landscaping company in Bakersfield, CA